Cannabis Concentrates & Extracts in Boulder, CO

cannabis concentrates

One of our favorite things about cannabis is how much everyone gets to personalize their experience. Some people prefer to eat edibles, while others would rather break out their trusty bong or roll a joint. Increasingly, we’re people that people prefer cannabis concentrates for a few different reasons:

the unbelievably high THC levels in cannabis extracts
the refined, borderline juicy taste of some types of cannabis concentrates
how fun it is to vape concentrates

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

As the name suggests, these products are cannabis extracts that contain concentrated levels of the most desirable natural components of the cannabis plant. The extraction process may happen in any number of ways. The most common extraction processes used by the pros use a closed-loop system and a solvent.

Some concentrates are created using butane or propane, yielding either butane hash oil (BHO) or propane hash oil (PHO) respectively. These are the two most popular types of solvent-based cannabis concentrates you’ll find in dispensaries. In the past, people have made simple concentrates like Rick Simpson Oil at home by starting with cannabis flower and a few other ingredients. Some concentrates are created by using carbon dioxide, or you may even hear of solventless concentrates like bubble hash.

Are All Concentrates the Same?

Most of the professionally made cannabis concentrates you find in Colorado dispensaries are either BHO or PHO concentrates (though the best dispensaries will also have things like water hash to provide a broader selection). Even so, there can be some big differences between the various concentrates. Just as every strain is unique, a concentrate will depend on the exact flower used to make it. It will also vary depending on how the concentrate is created and handled. These factors impact the taste, physical consistency, and even how well a concentrate will keep with age.

What are the different types of cannabis concentrates?

You’re likely to hear all kinds of names used to describe cannabis concentrates, many of which will give you hints about the physical properties of the extract:

Diamond Sauce
Terp Sauce
Cannabis Oil
Honey Oil
Water Hash
Live Resin
Live Rosin

Some of these can be enjoyed in cartridges with vape pens. Distillate is commonly sold in pre-filled cartridges or single-use vape pens. Reusable pens can generally vaporize concentrates like wax, live rosin, and badder, all of which are fairly soft and easy to work with. Shatter (like just about every other concentrate) is excellent for dabbing on a dab rig, and people often sprinkle wax or water hash in with their flower. It’s not even all that uncommon for people to make homemade edibles with concentrates.

CBD Concentrates in Boulder, CO

Most of the cannabis people buy at recreational cannabis dispensaries in Boulder are high in THC, but that’s not always the case. Some people prefer CBD concentrates because they prefer this cannabinoid to such high THC levels. CBD concentrates will often have a very high level of CBD and a low level of THC, unlike the other concentrates that are almost entirely THC. CBD concentrates are popular among people who want to experience cannabis extracts without having such intense psychoactive experiences.

Buy Cannabis Concentrates in Boulder

Here at Eclipse Cannabis Company in Boulder, our dispensary menu includes dozens of different types of concentrates. Let us know what you’re looking for, and one of our experienced budtenders will point you in the right direction. From THC cartridges to CBD concentrates and just about everything in between, we’ve got you covered at our recreational dispensary in Boulder. Check out the full list of concentrates on our dispensary menu. We have flower, edibles, tinctures, and more!

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