Eclipse Recreational Cannabis Dispensary – Colorado’s Best, First-Class Natural Wellness!

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At Eclipse Cannabis Company, we offer the best of both worlds. Featuring first-class quality cannabis products and a laidback, space-themed dispensary spot — savvy consumers know to come to us for their various natural self-care needs.

Keep reading to learn more about Eclipse, and what makes us Colorado’s one-stop shop for the best, first-class cannabis wellness!


About Our Recreational Cannabis Dispensary in Boulder

Eclipse Cannabis Company is a Boulder, Colorado dispensary that offers a wide array of cannabis products that are sure to be out of this world!

Our cannabis dispensary menu includes flower, solventless concentrates, live resin carts and vape pens, topicals, and much more. We also have a line of trendy smoking accessories and tools for all of your consumption needs.

Whether it’s your first time orbiting our cannabis company or you’ve been in transit before, be sure to keep these tips in mind. They’ll help your cannabis dispensary experience remain out-of-this-world:

  • As a recreational cannabis dispensary in Colorado, anyone over the age of 21 with a valid ID may come in to make a purchase.
  • The Colorado State limit for daily cannabis purchases is limited to 1 oz of flower. Each gram of cannabis concentrate counts as ⅛ of the purchase limit.
  • Sign up for our VIP Loyalty Rewards Program for the latest deals.


What to Expect at Eclipse Cannabis Dispensary

For first-time explorers and longtime true-believing adventurers alike, Eclipse Cannabis continually strives to provide a diverse mix of Colorado’s premium quality cannabis products, price points, and brands.

Check out some of our top recommended products you’ll find on our recreational dispensary menu!

  • Cannabis Concentrates

Depending on the extraction method and its resulting form and consistency, cannabis concentrates can be budder, shatter, wax, crumble, sauce, live resin, rosin, hash, and more.

Here at Eclipse Cannabis Company, we feature the largest selection of solventless concentrates in all of Colorado.

You’ll find all of these cannabis concentrate options available from top-name brands (and using all the latest in highly skilled extraction methods).

710 Labs Cake Crashers Water Hash is created using an ice water separation method. This solventless cannabis concentrate is available in 1g.

  • Premium Quality Flower

At Eclipse, we take pride in providing the freshest and finest quality cannabis flower you’ll find in all of Colorado.

We believe growing first-class flower means top-notch cultivation methods and the utmost care every step of the way.

  • Vape Cartridges & Vape Accessories

It’s no secret that cannabis vape cartridges and disposable pens are a huge hit in the Colorado cannabis market.

On Eclipse’s dispensary menu, you’ll find everything from live resin vape carts to THC and CBD ratio vape pens.

Binske’s 500mg live resin vape cartridge is available in a wide variety of flavorful strains and made with the finest extraction methods for ultimate taste and effects!

Looking for a new accessory to add into your smoking sesh routine? Check out our merchandise and gear page for the latest dabbing and smoke accessories in cannabis!

  • Topicals

Cannabis topicals are an excellent way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the smoke or psychoactive effects.

The Highly Edible Nordic Goddess Salve is a cannabis topical infused with 250mg of CBD and 250mg of THC.

This salve is a great source for natural topical rejuvenation. It is favored for its therapeutic effects to combat inflammation and discomfort as well as any signs of stress.

  • Edibles

Finally, our interstellar selection of edibles is also sure to satisfy the consumer that is looking for a different, yet still impactful cannabis experience.

We’ve got drinks, gummies, chocolates, other assorted (and delicious) candies, and more.


Eclipse Cannabis Company: Boulder’s Best Recreational Dispensary!

At Eclipse, our recreational dispensary menu offers first-class access to many premium cannabis wellness products. Whether you enjoy a puff on some of our quality flower, a flavorful vape cart, or a saucy solventless concentrate, there’s a product available for everyone.

Come by our recreational cannabis dispensary in Boulder, Colorado for a laidback, out-of-this-world cannabis experience — & be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the latest updates!


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