The Different Types of Cannabis Rosin

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Here at Eclipse, Boulder’s premier cannabis dispensary, we’re proud to provide you with all the latest information to have you consuming responsibly. Last month, we covered Terpenes, Cannabinoids, & The Entourage Effect, we hoped you found it informative and it served as a guide to expand your relationship with the cannabis plant.

Since we offer the largest selection of solventless concentrates in Colorado, we felt it was appropriate to bring you all a blog on one of our most popular solventless concentrates: rosin. 

Let’s get into this fascinating cannabis concentrate and all of its different types.


What is Cannabis Rosin?

Imagine a cannabis concentrate that’s created without the use of any harsh solvents or chemicals. That’s rosin. In simple terms, rosin is a pure and potent extract obtained through a solventless extraction process. It’s like capturing the essence of the cannabis plant in its most concentrated and natural form.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how this substance is made. The extraction process involves applying heat and pressure to cannabis flower or hash to squeeze out all the good stuff. Yes, it’s as simple as pressing your green buds or golden hash under controlled conditions, and voila! The resinous goodness oozes out, leaving you with the rosin.


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Types of Cannabis Rosin: Unveiling the Magic

As we mentioned earlier, there are several amazing options for rosin out there. The extraction process involves applying heat and pressure to cannabis flower or hash to squeeze out all the good stuff. There are several ways this can be done, as a result, this makes different types of rosin. Let’s dive into those different types.

  • Flower Rosin

Picture this: applying just the right amount of heat and pressure between plates to those beautiful cannabis buds, releasing all the gooey goodness filled with cannabinoids and terpenes. And guess what?

The process keeps those natural flavors and aromas intact, giving you a pure and potent experience like no other. Flower is the go-to choice for all the cannabis lovers who appreciate the authentic vibes and versatility of this solventless wonder.

  • Live Rosin: Freshness at its Finest

If you’re someone who loves that burst of freshness and vibrant flavors, then live rosin is your new best friend. Live rosin takes things up a notch by using fresh, frozen materials during the extraction process.

By preserving the plant’s natural terpenes and cannabinoids, this type of rosin delivers an unmatched aroma and taste experience. It’s like taking a juicy bite out of a freshly picked fruit—except this fruit happens to be your favorite cannabis strain.

  • Solventless Rosin Sauce: Terpene Heaven

This type of rosin is all about terpenes. Rosin sauce is pure rosin that is cured with heat and pressure to transform into a jam-like consistency. The extraction process involves carefully separating the terpene-rich fraction from the cannabinoids, resulting in a concentrate that’s bursting with both flavor and potency.

From fruity and citrusy profiles to earthy and floral notes, rosin sauce has something to please every palate.

  • Hash Rosin: Embrace the Hashish Legacy

For the hashish enthusiasts out there, solventless hash rosin is a true gem. It combines the rich heritage of hash with the purity and potency of rosin extraction. Solventless hash rosin takes ice-water hash and squishes it between heat and pressure to obtain a concentrated extract.

The result? A flavorful and potent rosin that retains the essence of the original hash. From sticky and pliable textures to earthy and spicy flavors, this type of rosin is a celebration of the time-honored art of hash-making.

  • Rosin Distillates: Enhanced Potency

If you’re looking for a concentrated form of cannabis goodness that’s pure, potent, and versatile, then this is for you. Rosin distillates are created by taking the already incredible rosin and subjecting it to a further refinement process called distillation.

It’s like taking that sticky resin and putting it through a special purification journey, resulting in an even more refined and potent concentrate. Think of it as the top shelf of rosin, where all the impurities are left behind, leaving you with a golden elixir packed with cannabinoids and terpenes.


a person holding a carrotEclipse — Premier Boulder Dispensary: Offering Colorado’s Largest Selection of Rosin

Thanks for following along and exploring the limitless world of rosin with us. We hope you gained some knowledge from this that will support you choosing your next type of rosin.

Since we offer the largest selection of solventless cannabis concentrates in the state, we have a huge array of rosin inventory at all times. From live rosin to rosin sauce and everything in between, we’ve got it. Check out our extensive menu online, or better yet, pop into the store and come see us!


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