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Welcome back, cosmic cannabis explorers! Today, we journey to our unique location on the outskirts of Boulder that has grown to become a shining star in the Colorado cannabis galaxy. While Denver stands out as the cannabis capital with its 200 dispensaries and epic annual 4/20 celebrations, every ambitious grower and hash maker in Colorado now dreams of landing a spot at Eclipse.

So, how do we maintain such a celestial reputation? Among other crucial factors, many believe it’s our relentless commitment to quality and knack for discovering new talents. In fact, we were recently featured in Westword Magazine for our interstellar reputation. Sail with us on this voyage as we explore how Eclipse has become the go-to space station for cosmic cannabis enthusiasts.


view of Earth and satelliteEclipse: A Pulsar in the Cannabis Universe

In the vast expanse of cannabis products, becoming a recognized celestial body can seem like an improbable quest. But never fear, stargazers!

Miranda Burton, the Marketing Director of Dialed In, a company famous for their rosin edibles,  gives a cosmic endorsement to Eclipse, advising new cannabis brands to “launch their product at Eclipse.” Why, you might ask? Eclipse is like a pulsar in the cannabis universe, radiating wisdom and knowledge about the plant we all hold dear.

Our staff are like astronauts of cannabis, having journeyed through the galaxy of green to gather unparalleled experiences and insights. Their broad spectra of knowledge makes them ace navigators to guide new brands into the orbit of success.

But it’s not just the staff that brings starlight to this recommendation. Eclipse also boasts a constellation of savvy customers, a collective of cannabis connoisseurs who appreciate the exquisite dance between quality and variety. They, too, play a part in the cannabis odyssey, bringing their unique preferences and discerning tastes to bear on the products that land on the Eclipse shelves.


Helping to Launch Successful Cannabis Brands

Here, you’ll spot some of the brightest supernovas in the biz, such as: 710 Labs, Dablogic, Green Dot Labs, and Lazercat. These renowned brands are not just guests at Eclipse; they occupy prime real estate, ideally positioned in our cargo bay for our discerning clients.

We’re proud to say that Eclipse has been among the first cannabis spaceports to dock products from Bubba’s Kush and Meraki. These brands are like cosmic comets streaking across the cannabis skies—leaving trails of high-quality product that sparkle brighter than their competitors. Bubba’s Kush is known for cultivating some of the most aromatic and potent flower that ventures west of the Mississippi. Meraki, on the other hand, is bringing the classic Sour Diesel back to Colorado with a blasting-off force!

Eclipse has helped launch numerous other brands, such as the family-owned rosin company Egozi, and Red Roots Rolling Company, creators of unique infused pre-rolled joints. Emerging brands like Sunshine Extracts and Single Source also shine in the spotlight at Eclipse. What can we say? We believe in the magic of the undiscovered and the thrill of dynamic growth, especially when it comes to discovering extraordinary cannabis products shooting into the marketplace. So, always remember to watch this space, my fellow adventurers.

Who knows which underdog brand Eclipse will propel into the cannabis stratosphere next? In this infinite journey of indulging in the best of cannabis experiences, it’s always about exploring the limits and pushing boundaries—an adventure at Eclipse most delightfully delivers!


two brown barsEclipse Cannabis Company: Spearheading Colorado’s Shift Towards a Hash-Forward Mindset

Our Chief Operations Officer, Dakota Meshell, points out that Eclipse’s gravitational pull comes from stocking top-class celestial goodies such as high-quality flower and hash. But don’t stop there, fellow stargazers; Eclipse’s love for the cosmic herb amalgam continues to show in our expanding storage for rosin, as we continue to spearhead the state’s shift towards a hash-forward mindset.

But the navigation system guiding this rocket ride of quality products isn’t solely built on high-tech gear and a science-driven knowledge of cannabis. At Eclipse, there’s something as timeless and fundamental as the celestial bodies themselves: honesty. We’ve pointed our telescopes beyond the age-old cannabis stereotypes and instead, have laser-focused on the latest advancements. Our dispensary is where old-school myths dissipate, leaving room for new, authentic explorations into the cannabis universe.

By combining staff knowledge and customer intelligence, we believe we have struck the perfect balance, much like the gravitational pull between the Earth and Moon, homogeneously intertwining the best of both worlds. This has created an orbit for Eclipse that seizes and synchs up with cannabis industry trends while paving the path for a forward-thinking approach to the cannabis cosmos. Check out our full online dispensary menu before your next visit!

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