Learning More About Cannabis Terpenes: Terpinolene

CBD and THC cannabis indica leaves terpenes and marijuana varieties

Here at Eclipse Cannabis Company, we proudly stand as Boulder’s best recreational dispensary with an out-of-this-word selection of cannabis products. It’s safe to say we’re pretty much obsessed with all things canna! Today, our attention shifts to the renowned and cherished cannabis terpene, terpinolene! Follow along to learn about this compound and how it shapes […]

All About Cannabis Concentrates: Sugar

cannabis concentrate sugar on black surface

Welcome back to our blog! Here at Eclipse, a premier Boulder dispensary, we are devoted to providing you with the best cannabis products and the latest in cannabis education. Today, we’ll be steering our focus over to the department of concentrates once again — this time, for the sugar concentrate. Follow along to learn all […]

CBD:THC Salves – Invigorating Your Natural Wellness Regimen

Medicinal cannabis with extract oil in a bottle of Formula CBD THC

Hey there, celestial navigators! We at Eclipse Cannabis Company, are beaming with pride from the heart of Boulder, Colorado, as we actively curate a cosmic collection of cannabis products for your wellness voyage that is seriously stellar. Today, we’ll be embarking on an exploration into the world of CBD:THC salves and why they’re a must-have […]

Eclipse Cannabis Company – Featured Brands: Bubba’s Kush

Marijuana in Open Jar Surrounded by Cannabis Buds

Hello, fellow stargazers! Fasten your cosmic seatbelts and prepare to blast off into a new level of cannabis wellness. Our star of the show today? The trailblazers over at Bubba’s Kush, a small-batch cultivator devoted to taking cannabis quality to astronomical heights. Crafting Excellence: The Rise of Bubba’s Kush In the ever-flourishing world of cannabis […]

Exploring Cannabis Terpenes: Ocimene

Basil essential oil in a glass bottle with fresh green basil leaves and structural chemical formula of ocimene. Ocimene is a terpene found in the essential oil of basil.

Greetings, cosmic adventurers! In one of our previous blogs we explored an iconic terpene, myrcene. Today, we’re venturing into a lively nebula within the cannabis universe, swirling with another very special terpene: ocimene. Buckle up and let’s explore the extraordinary benefits of this celestial compound! Learning About Ocimene Ocimene is one of the many terpenes […]

Talking Cannabis Cultivar Genetics – Colorado Cream Soda

Close up of prescription medical marijuana strain AK47 flower on

Since we offer the best of both worlds here at Eclipse (the best and most cosmic dispensary in Boulder) you know we won’t keep you hanging on the education side of things. We have a fun topic prepared for you canna-explorers today! Last month, we highlighted cannabis concentrates and the bright future that is ahead […]

The Bright Future of Cannabis Concentrates

cannabis concentrate atop a white table surface

Here at Eclipse Cannabis Co. we are enthralled with all things cannabis as we proudly serve as Colorado’s best, first-class natural wellness dispensary. In holding such a prestigious title, we’re serious about tracking the latest industry trends to ensure we’re stocking the products that you’ll love most! While tracking these trends, we’ve discovered fascinating information […]

Breaking Down the Specifics of Cannabis Badder

yellow wax piece with high cannanis badder isolated on white background.

Here at Eclipse, we’re passionate about bringing you out-of-this-world cannabis products, but that’s not all we do. We’re enthusiasts and that means we love sharing our canna-knowledge with you. Last month, we dove into one of our favorite brands: 710 Labs. For this month, we have another hot topic to dive into. We’ll be breaking […]

Eclipse Cannabis Company – Featured Brands: 710 Labs

710 labs logo

Welcome back to the Eclipse Cannabis Company blog where we proudly serve as your guide on all things cannabis education. We’re on an ongoing quest to provide you with the latest insights into the world of cannabis. We’re also excited to shine the spotlight on one of our most sought-after brands: 710 Labs. Back in […]

Come Experience the Hottest Dispensary Under the Sun – Eclipse Cannabis Company!


Welcome back, cosmic cannabis explorers! Today, we journey to our unique location on the outskirts of Boulder that has grown to become a shining star in the Colorado cannabis galaxy. While Denver stands out as the cannabis capital with its 200 dispensaries and epic annual 4/20 celebrations, every ambitious grower and hash maker in Colorado […]

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