Cannabis Edibles in Boulder, CO

Are you searching for a fuss-free alternative to smoking cannabis that doesn’t need any special equipment to consume? Cannabis edibles may be precisely what you’ll be interested in trying out.  While flower and concentrates are a popular choice among cannabis consumers, cannabis edibles are still the go-to type of product on just about any dispensary menu. It’s the most no-fuss way of enjoying cannabis there is. 

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve here in Boulder and throughout the rest of Colorado, growers are hard at work cultivating premium strains to create a full range of cannabis edible products. With over 25 different edibles products to choose from, Eclipse Cannabis Company is the best-priced menu in Boulder, Colorado, as well. The selection of cannabis edibles on our dispensary menu is always being updated, so check back often if you’re searching for a new favorite.

What to Know About Cannabis Edibles?

While edibles are consumer-friendly and easy to enjoy, they are distinctly different from other forms of cannabis. If you’re new to edibles – or simply considering trying a new-to-you edible product – here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The mg amount may be different. Since your body will metabolize an edible differently than it would other cannabis forms, always check the product label for details on concentration/mg amount and serving size.
  • Effects are typically wonderfully long-lasting. Are you hoping to find a form of cannabis that delivers mind/body effects that carry you through the day? Edibles are an excellent option.
  • From 10 mg to 50 mg – there is a range of THC levels to select. If you are looking for a blend, consider a 1:1 product that marries CBD with THC for a relaxing, pain-relief experience. 
  • Choose a treat or snack that appeals to you. Select edibles that appeal to your sense of taste to boost your overall experience. From cookies to chocolate bars and everything in between – there’s a good chance you’ll quickly discover your favorite. 

Buy Edibles at our Cannabis Dispensary in Boulder

At Eclipse Cannabis Company, we pride ourselves on having a well-stocked selection of recreational edibles at our Boulder dispensary. We work with the most experienced edible brands in the state to ensure top quality. Visit us today, or place an order online!