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Since we offer the best of both worlds here at Eclipse (the best and most cosmic dispensary in Boulder) you know we won’t keep you hanging on the education side of things. We have a fun topic prepared for you canna-explorers today! Last month, we highlighted cannabis concentrates and the bright future that is ahead for them. Discussing cannabis cultivars and what makes them unique is truly one of our favorite topics, and in this blog, we’ll be delving into Colorado Cream Soda.


This cultivar is widely celebrated for its unique qualities. It beckons us to explore its intriguing origins, savor its distinct aroma and flavor profile, and understand the potential effects it offers.


The Origins of Colorado Cream Soda

First, let’s kick things off by diving into the roots. Colorado Cream Soda is a hybrid strain that was born from Huckleberry Soda and Cookies & Cream. It was created by the LoCol Love crew, right here in Colorado. They’re one of our favorite cultivators for good reason — because they’re true innovators!


Before we dive into the key characteristics of the Colorado Cream Soda strain, let’s talk a bit about its parents:


  • Huckleberry Soda: This strain’s sizable and densely packed buds have a gorgeous purple hue (complemented by subtle light green hues) with a distinctly pungent berry flavor. This strain is perfect for those who enjoy a relaxing experience that may have you not wanting to leave your couch!


  • Cookies and Cream: As its name suggests, this popular hybrid strain comes with a sweet flavor. Fun fact: Cookies and Cream snagged the top spot in the Hybrid category at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup. Oh, and by the way, it was whipped up by the cool folks at Exotic Genetix.


These strains together are truly a match made in cannabis heaven. Now, let’s get into it!

Aroma & Flavor Profile

Characterized by its frosty appearance and creamy texture, Colorado Cream Soda presents a delightful sensory experience to its users. Its unique and rich flavor stands as an enticing blend of vanilla and berry essence, subtly underscored by citrus notes. Moreover, an unexpected hint of tar adds complexity, enabling Colorado Cream Soda to offer a full-bodied, memorable taste experience tailored for the discerning cannabis connoisseur.

In the Colorado Cream Cookies strain, the most prominent terpene present is Caryophyllene. This means that Caryophyllene takes the lead in influencing the strain’s aroma, flavor, and potentially the overall experience for the consumer. 

Consumers could expect a rich profile marked by a spicy and peppery scent, which is the signature characteristic of Caryophyllene. This key terpene could potentially also contribute to the strain’s overall effects, offering a dimensionally enhanced encounter for the user.


Colorado Cream Soda delivers a well-rounded, soothing high, which users often report can alleviate stress, insomnia, and headaches. With a THC concentration of 24%, this balanced strain stands out as an exceptional option tailored to the preferences of accomplished cannabis enthusiasts. As a result, those familiar with the world of cannabis may find Colorado Cream Soda to be a particularly enjoyable option in their repertoire.

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And so, our interstellar exploration of this iconic cultivar reaches its end! We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed this journey towards the understanding of the Colorado Cream Soda strain. Be ready to spark your curiosity by keeping your eyes peeled for this strain, and other beloved faves from the house of loCol Love. 

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Stay tuned, fellow space cadets, our adventure across the atmospheric hues of quality cannabis is just getting started!

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