The Bright Future of Cannabis Concentrates

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Here at Eclipse Cannabis Co. we are enthralled with all things cannabis as we proudly serve as Colorado’s best, first-class natural wellness dispensary. In holding such a prestigious title, we’re serious about tracking the latest industry trends to ensure we’re stocking the products that you’ll love most! While tracking these trends, we’ve discovered fascinating information about the future direction of cannabis concentrates. Follow along as we break it down. 


How Do You Extract Cannabinoids from Cannabis Flower?

Before we dive into the future of cannabis concentrates, let’s give a little review on what they are. Producers create concentrates by distilling the essence of your favorite strain into highly potent, versatile forms using a range of solvent-based and solventless methods.

By meticulously extracting cannabinoids from the cannabis flower, concentrated product is therefore left over. Pretty cool, huh?

Like we mentioned, there are two ways to extract cannabinoids from cannabis flower:

  1. Solvent-based: This method involves the use of chemical solvents like, butane, or CO2 to extract the compounds on a molecular level.
  2. Solventless: This method relies solely on the mechanical process to extract the compounds; typically that involves water, heat, or mechanical pressure.

Furthermore, we then have numerous options of types of concentrates including ice water hash, bubble hash, rosin, resin, hand hash, glass, shatter, budder, badder, taffy, oils; with the list ever expanding.


Why Cannabis Concentrates Are Gaining Popularity


First and foremost, it’s the potency that sets concentrates apart. These products earn their renown from their high levels of THC and other cannabinoids. This means that with a smaller amount of product, users can achieve a more intense and rapid high. It brings your experience to the next level, and for many, that’s a highly appealing prospect.


Next, equally appealing is the consistency concentrates provide. Unlike traditional flower, which may vary significantly in THC content from one plant to another, manufacturers craft concentrates carefully to deliver a standardized experience. This predictability empowers users to take control of their dosage, crafting an experience tailored to their preferences.


Like we mentioned in the last section, there’s incredible variety. Concentrates come in an array of forms, including shatter, wax, oil, live resin, and more. Whether you prefer a particular flavor, aroma, or a specific set of effects, there’s a concentrate out there for you.


And let’s not forget about the convenience factor. Consuming concentrates is now more user-friendly than ever. Innovative devices like vape pens and dab rigs have revolutionized the way we experience concentrates. Pre-filled cartridges and disposable pens make consuming your favorite concentrate as hassle-free as possible.


But perhaps one of the most compelling features is the discretion concentrates offer. Traditional flower consumption can often be quite pungent and noticeable. However, users enjoy concentrates for their lower odor profile, which lets them relish their cannabis without drawing attention to themselves.

This discrete nature is especially appealing to those who need or prefer to keep their cannabis use private, whether for personal or privacy reasons.


What’s also worth mentioning is the innovative packaging. Concentrate packaging has come a long way, offering user-friendly solutions such as precise dosing mechanisms and leak-proof designs. This means you can enjoy your concentrate without the mess/inconvenience that packaging for flower sometimes causes. 

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Terpene Heaven

Concentrates often preserve the natural flavors and terpenes of the cannabis strain they originate from due to the nature of their extraction methods. This results in a more authentic and nuanced flavor profile, allowing users to savor the unique characteristics of different strains. 


The Changing Landscape of Cannabis Consumption

When we consider the benefits and endless options that are available with cannabis concentrates, it’s safe to say that they are growing in popularity rapidly. 

According to Credence Research, “The market for cannabis concentrates has been expanding steadily in recent years and is predicted to do so again between 2023 and 2030 at a CAGR of 6.20%. In 2022, estimations placed the market value at USD 1.9 billion, and predictions for 2030 project a value of USD 2.89 billion.

Choosing Your Next Favorite Cannabis Concentrate at Eclipse — Premier Boulder Dispensary

Now that you know the rising hype of cannabis concentrates, you have to be feeling eager to go out and grab a gram or two. We’ve got you covered! At Eclipse, we offer first-class access to a multitude of cannabis concentrate options. From 710 Labs, to Binske, Green Dot Labs, and more, we’ve got just about every option of concentrates you can imagine!

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